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422 – GO FORTH


Artist: 422

CD Description:
It is eleven years since 422 won the 1999 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award. The reasons for winning were obvious with comments like the one from Folk On Tap magazine “their playing is excellent, the arrangements, inventive, the choice of tunes interesting and the whole imbued with the drive and energy of youth”. They went on to make three albums the last one being in 2005. In the meantime individually and collectively they have collected degrees and a raft of other band experiences including the Kathryn Tickell Band, Baltic Crossing, The Hut People, Alistair Anderson’s Steel Skies various ceilidh bands and numerous one-off collaborations. Add to this teaching, tutoring and producing albums for other people. Having concentrated on playing ceilidhs they are back playing concerts. This wealth of experience has been brought to bear on the new album. The mix is as eclectic as before taking its sources from Britain, Europe and beyond. The musicality and skill which underpins their playing is again in evidence; their challenging arrangements bring the music to life. Everything is played with flawless enthusiasm. “This is the sound of musicians who enjoy what they do and it’s easy to get caught up in it” Dirty Linen (USA)

Track Listing:
Joe Foster’s: Anne Fraser McKenzie/Milltimber Jig/Joe Foster’s; Mambo Marimba: Mambo Marimba/Red Crow; Gaspe Set: Raka Vagen/The Gaspe/Reel de Montreal; Sitting In The Stern of A Boat: Sitting In The Stern of A Boat/The Topper Jig/You Can Call Me Big Al; Rocking Chair Jigs: The Northside/Sir Wilfred Laurier’s March; The Rocking Chair Jig; Solo Reels: Go On Ahead/The Leitrim Lilter/Will Tayloy’s Fiddle/Green Fields Of Glentown; Popcorn Behaviour: Antigonish Polka/North Caroline Breakdown/Popcorn Behaviour; The Letter That Never Came: The Letter That Never Came/Washington Square Park; Bread And Cheese: Bread And Cheese/Cobbler’s Hornpipe/The Purlongs; The York Rant: The York Rant/Geanoarake/Richenitza

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