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CD Description:
Double CD of English Traditional songs with their Australian variants performed by leading singers from both countries. Packages in a handsome 75 page hard-backed CD size book.

Track Listing:
The English Songs: Sweet Jenny Of The Moor – Tony Rose; Heres Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy – The Copper Family; The Female Sailor Bold – John Kirkpatrick; The Foggy Dew – Bill Whaley Dave Fletcher; Lord Franklin – Louis Killen; When Jones’s Ale Was New – John Kirkpatrick; Claudy Banks – The Copper Family; Lost In A Wood, Shirley Collins; Barbara Allen – Martin Carthy; Baby Lie Easy – Bill Whaley Dave Fletcher; Down By The Green Bushes – Bob Copper; The Banks of the Nile – Nancy Kerr James Fagan; Willie The Bold Sailor Boy – Norma Waterson; Golden Vanity – Bill Whaley Dave Fletcher; The Bonny Bunch Of Roses-O – Bob Copper; All For Me Grog – Louis Killen; The Convict’s Lamentation – John Kirkpatrick. The Australian Songs: The Banks of Claudy – Kate Burke Ruth Hazleton; The Female Rambling Sailor – Martyn Wyndham-Read; Across The Western Plains – Dave de Hugard; The Green Bushes – James Fagan; The Loss Of Bob Mahoney – Danny Spooner; The Golden Vanity – Martyn Wyndham-Read; Moreton Bay – Dave de Hugard; Lovely Nancy – Cathie O’Sullivan; Babes In The Wood – Martyn Wyndham-Read; The Wee One – Kate Burke Ruth Hazleton; The Banks Of The Condamine – Nancy Kerr James Fagan; Barbary Ellen – Cathie O’Sullivan; The Foggy Dew – Martyn Wyndham-Read; Ginny Of The Moor – Dave de Hugard; Joness Ale – Danny Spooner; The Lost Sailor – Cathie O’Sullivan; The Bonny Bunch of Roses – Martyn Wyndham-Read.

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