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Various – The Journey Continues – Fellside at 40



CD Description:
*****TRIPLE CD FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!***** Ten years ago we celebrated 30 years with a triple CD and attempted to tell the Fellside story (LANDMARKS FECD203). So much has happened, so much diverse and good music made by artists on the label that there was enough material to celebrate 40 years and mark the last 10 years. 57 tracks covering the past 10 yearsand as wide-ranging as the label has always been. Some tracks are unique to the collection and haven’t appeared on Fellside albums elsewhere.

Track Listing:
The Valley Of Strathmore – Bram Taylor Band; Polkas – Last Orders; Madeleine – Frankie Armstrong; Your Own Roads – The Queensberry Rules; The Gardener – Grace Notes; Collier Lad/Highland Mary – Crucible; The Northern Road – Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys; Jungle Queen – The Maerlock Big Band; Bonnie Lassie – Rachel Newton & Lillias Kinsman-Blake; The Auld Fisher’s Farewell To The Coquet – Graham & Sam Pirt; Rambling Sailor – A.L. Lloyd; The Settle & Carlisle – Dave Goulder; Train On The Island – Sara Grey; Dressed To Roll – Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching; Roll On By – Elbow Jane; All Night Long – Andy May; England Loves A Poor Boy – Lizzie Nunnery; One For Lily – The Hut People; Wars Of Germanie – Wendy Weatherby; All Coming Back To Me Now – Joe Topping.
DISC 2 ARE WE THERE YET?: A Beggar – Ewan McLennan; Rock Of Gelt/Walls – Ruth Notman, Julie Matthews & Elvis McGonagall; York Rant – 422; Foggy Dew – James Findlay; Mandalay – Peter Bellamy; Only A Soldier – Pilgrims’ Way; Drunkard’s Lament – Hedy West; Caught Us Doing It – The Jake Leg Jug Band; The Sheepstealer – Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick; Are We There Yet – Hadrian’s Union; The Railway Children – Joe Tilston; Ned’s Reel/Hunt The Spider – Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence; The Sailor’s Way – Hughie Jones; The Hand On The Plough – Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith; The Baffled Knight – Lucy Ward with Brian Peters, Bella Hardy & James Findlay; The Journey Man – Pete Morton; If You Can’t Land Her – Hot Fingers; Away From The Pits – Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar; Where Ravens Feed – Linda Adams.
These Coal Town Days – Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies;The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow – Janet Russell; The Female Sailor Bold – John Kirkpatrick; Lonesome Roving Wolves – Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis; Helen Of Kirkconnel – Bobby Eaglesham; Devilish Mary – Barry Skinner; Dwelling In Beaulahland – Swan Arcade; Peace And Love And Understanding – Marilyn Middleton-Pollock; When This Old Hat Was New – John Wright; Yellow Handkerchief – Linda Adams; The Demon Lover – Nick Caffrey; Green Bushes – Benji Kirkpatrick; Where The Brumbies Come To Water – Gerry Hallom; Two Magicians – Bob Fox & Stu Luckley; John Of Hazelgreen – Colin Thompson; The Jolly Boys’ Song – Preston Isle Metal Band; The Bailiff’s Daughter – Jon Rennard; Shenandoah – Jolly Jack.

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