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CD Description:
Despite moulding his band into a fully fledged Mainstream outfit by 1958 Humph never completely deserted his Traditional roots and engaged in several recording sessions where those roots were revisited. This CD sees him in the 1980s with various traditional style UK musicians plus some visiting Eurpopean ones. It feature the Swedish trumpet player Bent Persson and two french clarinettists, Pierre Atlan and Jean-Francois Bonnel. The tune selection recals the Classic era of Jazz

Track Listing:
WITH JEAN-FRANCOIS BONNEL:Willie The Weeper; Chicago Buzz; Straight From The Wood; Cakewalkin’ Babies From Home; Blues My Naughty Sweetie; East Coast Trot; Blues Galore. WITH BENT PERSSON: I’m Going Away Just To Wear You Off My Mind; Southern Stomps; Blue Grass Blues; Room Rent Blues; Once In A While. WITH PIERRE ATLAN: Mandy Make Up Your Mind; Buddy’s Habit; Beale St. Mama; Hotter Than That; It Makes My Love Come Down; Blame It On the Blues

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