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CD Description:
THE CHICAGO – DIXIELAND STYLE BANDS. This is the latest volume in the series which looks at various aspects of the British Traditional Jazz scene which are at a tangent to the triple album, BRITISH TRADITIONAL JAZZ – A POTTED HISTORY (LACD300). This compilation looks at the bands mostly inspired by the Chicago school of Jazz. It doesn’t necessarily choose the most famous bands in the style – their CDs are readily available – but looks at some lesser known bands as well as some rare gems.

Track Listing:
CARLO KRAHMER’S CHICAGOANS: At Sundown ; Riverboat Shuffle; Sugar; That Da-Da Strain. ARCHIE SEMPLE’S CAPITOL JAZZ BAND: Singing The Blues; There’ll Be Some Changes Made; Farewell Blues. THE MARK WHITE DIXIELANDERS: Davenport Blues; Jazz Me Blues; Tin Roof Blues; Dardanella. BOBBY MICKLEBURGH’S BOBCATS:
Sunday; Fidgety Feet; At The Jazz Band Ball; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate. JOE DANIELS AND HIS JAZZ BAND: Washington & Lee Swing; Barnyard Blues; Black & Blue; Spain. LAURIE GOLD & HIS PIECES OF EIGHT: Miss Jenny’s Ball; I Left My Sugar Standing In The Rain; Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland; Sensation Rag; SID PHILLIPS & HIS BAND: Avalon

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