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CD Description:
LAKE’s fastest selling CD ever! A triple CD set for the price of one! There have been any number of compilations along the line of ‘Trad Greats’ or ‘Trad Favourites’ which often seem like re-workings of the same material. This collection is an attempt to tell the story of the Traditional Jazz musical genre in the UK which had a pre-history in the 1930s, got properly underway in the 1940s and grew to be at the forefront of popular music during the 1950s and early 1960s. As well as the mainstays of messrs Ball, Barber, and Bilk this collection includes many of the lesser known and regional bands who added to the music’s popularity. Out of the 73 tracks many are previously unissued or extremely rare. The narrative in a 40 page booklet puts the bands and the music into perspective.

Track Listing:
DISC 1: PRE HISTORY & A REVIVAL 1936-1953: Jazz Me Blues – Danny Polo & His Swing Stars; Sweet Sue – Sid Phillips & His Rhythm; Blue Turning Grey Over You – Nat Gonella & His Georgians; Smokey Mokes – Harry Gold & His Pieces Of Eight; Bluein’ The Blues – George Webb’s Dixielanders; Snake Rag – Yorkshire Jazz Band; Who’s Sorry Now – Archie Semple’s Capitol Jazz Band; King Of The Zulus – Mick Mulligan’s Magnolia Jazz Band; Steamboat Stomp – Rax Foxley’s Levee Stompers; Memphis Blues – The Original Dixielanders; Imperial Blues – Mick Gill’s Imperial Jazz Band; That Da Da Strain – Carlo Krahmer – Humphrey Lyttelton Band; Gatemouth – Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazz Band; Mahogany Hall Stomp – Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band; Camp Meeting Blues – Chris Barber’s New Orleans Jazz Band; Get Out Of Here & Go On Home – The Crane River Jazz Band; Cakewalkin’ Babies From Home – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers; Moose March – The Merseysippi Jazz Band; I’ll See You In My Dreams – Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band; Carolina Moon – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen; I Want A Girl – The Saints Jazz Band; At Sundown – Freddy Randall & His Band; You Always Hurt The One You Love – The Christie Brothers Stompers; Wolverine Blues – The Joe Daniels’ Jazz Group. DISC 2: CONSOLIDATION AND DEBUTS 1954-1958: Eccentric Rag – Alex Welsh & His Band; Milenburg Joys – Eric Silk’s Southern Jazz Band; Every Day I Have The Blues – Neva Raphaelo with Eric Silk’s Southern Jazz Band; Joe Turner’s Blues – Cy Laurie Jazz Band; Shimme-Sha-Wabble – The Avon Cities Jazz Band; London Blues – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers; Muddy Water – George Melly with Mick Mulligan & His Magnolia Jazz Band; Ole Miss Rag – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzmen; That’s A-Plenty – Mark White’s Dixielanders; West End Blues – Beryl Bryden with Alex Welsh & His Band; Perdido St. Blues – The Zenith 6; Stevedore Stomp – Chris Barber’s Jazz Band; Tears – Graham Stewart Seven; Pete Kelly’s Blues – Sid Phillips & His Band; Lastic – Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band; Sobbin’ Hearted Blues – Ottilie Patterson with Chris Barber’s Jazz Band; Don’t You Think I Love You – Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazz Band; Gravier Street Blues – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen; Tin Roof Blues – Bobby Mickleburgh & His Bobcats; Jealousy – Freddy Randall & His Band; Freeze & Melt – Second City Jazz Band; China Boy – Fairweather-Brown All Stars; Don’t Go ‘Way No Body – Mr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band; Rockin’ In Rhythm – The Happy Wanderers Street Band. DISC 3: BOOM AND BUST 1959-1963: Tuxedo Rag – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band; Sidewalk Blues – Terry Lightfoot’s New Orleans Jazzmen; Young Woman’s Blues – Beryl Bryden with Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band; We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City – Micky Ashman & His Ragtime Jazz Band; Creole Jazz – Mr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band; King Porter Stomp – Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazz Band; Up Above My Head – Ian Menzies’ & His Clyde Valley Stompers; Charley My Boy – The Temperance Seven; Potato Head Blues – Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen; Get Out And Get Under – Clinton Ford with The Merseysippi Jazz Band; Sensation Rag – The Big Ben Trad Band; Sleepy Time Down South – Bob Wallis & His Storyville Jazzmen; Out Of The Gallion – The Mike Cotton Jazzmen; Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair – Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band; Satchmo’s Blues – Nat Gonella’s Georgia Jazz Band; Bluebells Goodbye – Dick Charlesworth & His City Gents; Creole Bob Bo – Ken Colyer’s Jazzman; Struttin’ With Some Barbeque – The Saints Jazz Band; Black Mare Blues – George Melly; Way Down Yonder In New Orleans – Harry Gold & His Pieces Of Eight; I Want A Big Butter & Egg Man – George Chisholm’s Tradsters with Jeannie Lamb; Lisa – Alex Welsh & His Band; Kansas City – Ottilie Patterson with Chris Barber’s Jazz Band; Home – The Sims-Wheeler Vintage Jazz Band; Magnolia’s Wedding Day – Chris Barber’s Jazz Band.

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