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CD Description:
LACD300 gave an overview of the development of Traditional Jazz in Britain. What it could not do was look at some of the things which were also happening. This CD is sub-titled ‘Breaking The Mould’ because it looks at bands and musicians who did not always pursue a predictable path. Humphrey Lyttelton was not the only one moving into a more Mainstream style and this CD looks at some of those musicians. There also bands which were not averse to trying things out with musicians from other styles of Jazz. The CD contains some interesting surprises

Track Listing:
THE CHRISTIE BROTHERS STOMPERS: Golden Striker; One House; The Glory Of Love; Five Years Later. THE KEITH CHRISTIE QUARTET: Cottontail; Main Stem. KENNY BAKER’S HALF DOZEN (ftg Keith Christie): Oh Baby. THE DICK HECKSTALL-SMITH QUARTET: Out Of Nowhere; Aunt Hagar’s Blues; Four Or Five Times; Pennies From Heaven. PAT HAWES & HIS BAND: Wabash Blues; Blues For The Midgets; Bluesbeck; Happy & Satisfied; Taps Miller; Lullaby Of The Leaves; A Smooth One. THE DAVE CAREY BAND with BERTIE KING: Blue Lou; I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling. THE BERTIE KING JAZZ GROUP: Once Upon A Time. THE TONY COE QUINTET: Bali Ha’i; Sans Humph.

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