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CD Description:
THE CLASSIC STYLE BANDS. Once the revival of Traditional Jazz got underway during the late 1940s and into the 1950s the bands started to split into different camps: those who followed the New Orleans style, those who favoured the Chicago style and those who preferred the Classic style typified by King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Clarence Williams, et al. This CD presents a collection of bands who followed this latter course and provides a varied sample of the different approaches within that style.

Track Listing:
MIKE DANIELS & HIS DELTA JAZZMEN: Kater Street Rag; Weary Way Blues; Snake Rag; Candy Lips; Cannonball Blues. STEVE LANE & HIS FAMOUS SOUTHERN STOMPERS: Streamline Train; The Pearls; Dr. Jazz; A Good Man Is Hard To Find;Gate Mouth. COLIN KINGWELL’S JAZZ BANDITS: The Hottest Man In Town; You Don’t Understand; Alabama Tickle; Seattle Hunch; Loose Livin’ Stomp. THE DOLPHIN JAZZ BAND: Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man; Beale Street Blues. IAN BELL’S JAZZMEN: Louisiana. THE ORIGINAL DOWNTOWN SYNCOPATORS: Clarinet Marmalade; Alligator Hop; Shimme Sha Wabble. THE TEMPERANCE SEVEN: My Momma’s In Town; Tiger Rag (Kaiser Drag).

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